Everyone has either experienced or known someone who has experienced a construction horror story. The construction process does not need to be painful! We will manage the entire construction process for you from design to completion. Between the time we meet to discuss home design and when we hand you the keys to your new home, you control your level of involvement.

The initial part of the construction process is putting together your team of a builder, architect, and possibly interior designer and landscape architect. Potter Homes will be the teams’ quarterback and we will organize and conduct the entire homebuilding process. We have a great team of architects and designers that we work with.

Through progressive meetings, we will design your home to your desires and put together all the specifications for the home and its finishes. After this is accomplished, the plans and specifications will be sent out to our quality subcontractors for the bidding process. Our job is to analyze the bids, comparing prices while considering quality of work, and put together a budget for the entire project and present you a building contract.

Once the contract is signed, we will complete the local building permit process and break ground on your dream home! The hard part is over… for you. Now you get to sit back and watch your dream home evolve. This is where we take over. Throughout construction, we will handle all aspects of the job including jobsite scheduling, building inspections, and supervising that our subcontractors are being meticulous to our standards. After punch out is complete, and we are statisfied, we will proudly hand you the keys to your new home.

We will provide you with a binder including all information on your home: specifications, subcontractors and suppliers, appliance information, etc. You also get our warranty and 24-hour emergency care on your home. You will move into your new home with the confidence in quality of owning a Potter Home.Many of our customers build their vacation homes in Florida and live somewhere else. While they are away Potter Properties will offer to manage the home maintenance for their home.



Green building is a popular term these days. Green building involves combining energy, water, and resource efficiency, environmentally sensitive lot development, and construction. Families reap the benefits enjoying lower energy bills, healthier indoor air, and less environmental impact.

Building green is not a new fad for us, it is how we have always built. We always use products that will save energy and reduce global impact while not sacrificing the integrity of the structure. Some of the green quality products that we use are spray foam insulation, hot water recirculation, impact windows, energy star appliances, and low voltage light fixtures.