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At Potter Homes, we are committed to integrity, customer

satisfaction, and superior workmanship.



As a well established luxury custom homebuilder in Southwest Florida, Potter Homes understands that your home is personal and it should reflect your personality. Potter Homes takes pride in building your perfect dream home. We are a small, family company and we intend to stay that way. We enjoy being able to focus directly on the needs of our discerning customers. Details are what will make your home special. You will quickly recognize that Potter Homes installs premium quality materials and workmanship in the details you see and also in the structure concealed beneath the finishes.

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We are meticulous and have high standards for our projects but our goal is to exceed even our expectations. Our greatest reward is a satisfied customer who tells their friends that Potter Homes built their dream home! 


Bill Potter, President

Tom Potter, Vice-President:

Ryan Potter, Project Engineer:

Nate Johnson, Business Operations:

Al Johnson, Field Superintendent:

Judd Wright, Field Superintendent:

Kelly Brown, Office Administrator:


“In selecting a builder to oversee our major home construction in Barefoot Beach, Florida, we wanted a firm with an excellent reputation for quality, cost-effectiveness and honesty.  With our home now completed, we offer our unqualified recommendation of Potter Homes, under the leadership of Bill Potter and an outstanding team of professionals.  Throughout the process, there were numerous issues that required thoughtful changes to the plan.  In every case, Potter offered suggestions that were aesthetically pleasing and fairly priced.  Potter has a relationships with numerous high quality subcontractors that are committed to excellence and timely performance.  As you might expect, we did encountered challenges and unexpected problems along the way.  I am pleased to say that Bill Potter resolved every issue in a reasonable and acceptable manner.  In building our dream home, Potter displayed its commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction and superior workmanship.” 

- John and Joan Gilchrist



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Our mission is to focus the abilities we have been blessed with to build the best quality home possible while exceeding all expectations. At Potter Homes, we are committed to integrity, customer satisfaction, and superior workmanship. We work for a higher purpose. We believe God calls us to work hard and strive for excellence in all we do. We want to be known as a premier luxury home builder by using the strengths and abilities God has blessed us with. We appreciate the opportunity to work hard and hope to make a difference in the lives of people by doing things the right way.


We limit the number of projects we take on in any year. This allows us to personally manage the construction of your home. Bill and/or Tom will be on site every day overseeing the details so that the job is done the right way.

You will have direct access to Bill and I at all times to make sure your voice is heard. Your questions/comments won’t ever be pawned off to a talking head. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will hear from you to attain it.

We are committed to superior workmanship and we use only quality materials.

We are a small, family business and keep our overhead low. Because we don’t have to pay 10 employees, you pay lower construction costs!

Everyone is blessed with different skills. We have been blessed with skills and passion in construction management. Bill has over 30 years of experience in construction and he has managed commercial high-rises, large residential development, and he has concentrated on high end custom homes for the last 12 years.

Our niche is high end custom homes and our specialty is coastal construction. Building on the beach or in a coastal area takes you into a new level of building and environmental codes. You will want a builder who is conscientious of these codes and has the experience of building near the water.

We have been building in Southwest Florida for over 20 years. We know many people in the industry. Most importantly, we know which subcontractors do a quality job and which subs to stay away from.

Some customers are involved in every detail, most customers change their minds on the finishes before they move in, and every customer has their own “must haves”. We are impressively flexible to handle your every whim but you will quickly realize we aren’t flexible enough to cut corners

We believe we are called to work as hard as we can to the best of our ability. We are meticulous about doing things the right way both on and off the jobsite. Our business relies on referrals. We want you to tell your friends how great your home is and what a painless process building a home can be with Potter Homes.

Our passion is to do all things in excellence because God has called us to do so. Everyone wants to be at the top. Our goal is to be the best at what we do out of thankfulness for the abilities God has blessed us with.

It is important to get along with your builder because the home building relationship will last 1-2 years. We often develop meaningful relationships with our customers and still stay in close contact with many of them.


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